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  • You may use your WEM Card prepaid MasterCard Card immediately after purchase.
  • Since merchants are not able to view your WEM Card balance, know your balance before you shop. If you try to use your WEM Card to purchase an item whose value exceeds your card balance, your card will be declined.
  • To purchase an item that costs more than the balance on your WEM card, use a second payment method (i.e., cash, cheque, debit or credit) to pay the difference. You must tell the cashier how much you will pay with each type of payment when you make your purchase.
  • At the time of purchase, give your WEM Card to the cashier and either sign the receipt or push Credit on the keypad. Although Debit appears on the front of your card, the card does not come with a PIN and your purchase will be declined if you push Debit.
  • Note that when you use your WEM Card at a restaurant, the server will add 20 per cent gratuity. Therefore, if, for example, you have a $50 balance on your WEM Card and the balance owed is $50 plus tip, your transaction will be declined.
  • For security, sign the back of your card, write down your card number and keep the number in a safe place.
  • Your WEM Card may not be used at gas pumps. Instead, visit the cashier inside the gas station to pay with your card.
  • Your WEM Card may not be used at Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).
  • For security and in case you want to make a return or exchange, keep all receipts of WEM Card purchases. WEM Card purchases are not eligible for cash refunds.